About us


TEMA Biotechnologies will be officially registered by end of 2019 an entrepreneurial biotechnology spin-off company in the year 2019 by scientists Rasel A. Al-Amin and together with his mentor Ulf Landegren from the Uppsala University and holding company UIC. The company is at an early phase, working to further improve our techniques to generate amplified detection signals of drug binding to target using low molecular weight DNA-conjugated drug molecules. As the name suggests the fundamental idea for this innovative business is creation of the drug development and selection of patients for personalized cancer therapy. The company is in its pre-organization phase and currently, expanding the research into further branch marking the technologies. 

Our Amazing Team

Meet our excellent team of professional conspiracy and mystery solvers.

CEO. Recruits new agents and kills the ones that betrayed the values of the organization.

Makes sure that the printing machines never run out of paper and that coffee machines always have fresh beans.

The brain centre of the whole system and the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, she uncovers even the most mysterious conspiracy plots.

A double agent that keeps in touch with the key figures of the New World Order.

The woman responsible for the high tech equipment of the agency; the inventor and fashion designer of the world famous tin foil hats.